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For micro and nano-structuring of large surfaces for automotive solar cell panels and anti–reflection coatings, leading edge mobile displays and systems on glass (“SOG”s) or on panel (“SOP”s) based on high performance TFT's, e-paper, sub-wavelength optics, polymer electronics and many more forthcoming nanotechnology enabled applications


Holtronic Technologies designs, develops and markets very high resolution lithography systems for micro and nano patterning on large areas. Uniquely suited for mobile displays, advanced systems on glass (“SOG”) or on plastic panels (“SOP”), bi-stable zero-power displays for e-paper, and large area mastering for solar cell light trapping structures (LTS) amongst others, Holtronic systems enable multitude cost effective nano and micro technology based applications.

Holtronic's mission, embarked on 1986, is  to exploit the enormous advantages of holography in the strategic field of lithography equipment. Holography is indeed the only optical imaging method where there is no trade off between field size and resolution and hence ideally suited for high resolution and very large field patterning. Lithography is the most critical process step in the manufacture of electronic devices, the major driving force of today’s knowledge based societies.

Holtronic facility is based in Neuchâtel, the microelectronics and high precision mechanics centre of Switzerland. The company Chairman and founder is Mr. Ali Reza Nobari, graduate “ancien élève” of the French Ecole Polytechnique and Sorbonne in Paris as well as of Stanford University in California. 


The Company exposure systems have the capability of down to 120nm resolution at 364nm i-line and of sub-100 nm at DUV light source.


Holtronic system HMA 500SF has enabled the world’s first manufacture of a 0.5 µm single grain silicon SG-Si TFT by Seiko-Epson Corporation of Japan and the AM-LCD'05 prize winning publication achieved under Epson’s pioneering program “TFTs- A New Age”. 

Holtronic is today engaged on the development of it next system, the very large field sub-100 nm capable Holoscan to address the market demand in the high-end large area nano technology enabled applications domains. 


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